Cruising and Navigation Association of New Zealand

The Past

 Annual Dinner 2014

Our dinner was held at Yacht Squadron on Monday 11th of August and attended by around 37  making this a successful venture . Its the first time we’ve tried the squadron and it was a pleasure to have them serve us rather than having to line up for a buffet!! They were also willing to help with alternative choices  for those of us with dietary restrictions.

Guest speaker was Georgina Griffiths , MetService Consulting Meteorologist based in Auckland, Mother of two , certified Ocean Yachtmaster and a veteran of Vanuatu sailing. Georgina spoke about “keeping it simple”— learn the sequence of the weather and then you’ll know, at any time, what’s likely to happen next.

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AGM April 2014:

DCIM102MEDIAPresident Bob, true to his word!! “put a pound on the bar” and shouted many some beverages and then went on to chair our annual general meeting then some words of warning regarding the left overs of cyclone Ita which was on its way from Australia and would pickup some energy as it approached the North Island…which it did! Then it was on to our special guest speaker!

Sandra Gorter (MA Hons English) was our guest speaker. She is a freelance writer and historian, trained at the London School of Journalism and the University of Auckland.

Since 1995 Sandra has been writing aboutDCIM102MEDIA New Zealands fleet of  historic yachts and the people who race them. Her work, both in the  maritime area and on a wide range of topics, has been published in  national and international periodicals and newspapers. Sandra  and her  husband own the classic Logan yacht Iorangi, built for bibliophile Alexander Turnbull in 1901, sailing and racing her whenever possible.

Her latest book, Fidelis, 50 Years of the Ocean Greyhound followed on from her highly successful Ranger, the Making of a New Zealand Yachting Legend two magnificent yachts that for their day remain legends the world over.


 Feb 2014 visit to Maritime Museum

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Open Day 2013

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Cruise Labour weekend 2013

We waited until Saturday morning for a front to go through, and sailed /motorsailed to Man o War Bay.  Steve Plank and daughter Olivia arrived first from Pine Harbour, and anchored in Man o War Bay.  Basil Orr in Pink Cadillac from Westhaven anchored in Anchorage Bay, the second bay to the east at the northern end of Man o War, and was joined by John Croft in Stolen Moments and Ross in Deja Vu sailing in convoy from Gulf Harbour.  Drinks on Stolen Moments, then we migrated to Pink Cadillac for Basil to burn steaks and sausages on the BBQ. On Sunday we all sailed to Mullet Bay, Motutapu in a good 15kt Westerly,with a 30kt squall when we were going through Sergeant Channel.  All anchored happily, and then we were joined by Chris Fotherby & Liz McFarlane in Southern Venture who had been fishing at the Noises. We headed ashore for a BBQ on the beach, and lots of varied discussions with Olivia and John provided dinner time music on the beach at Mullet Bay. On Monday morning we all upped anchor and sailed back to our respective berths in a nice 12-15kt SW breeze.  Basil returning to Westhaven had the additional pleasure of sailing past the tall ships leaving port, and the accompanying fleet. Labour weekend had good weather throughout, good sailing and great company.

Cheers Basil

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February 2013 visit to Airforce Orion Mritime surveillance platform

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Summer Cruise 2013

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